some information, soon.

I am so relieved to have many major, informative appointments tomorrow. I just thought I’d share what prepping for these things means, for me. I’m sure lots of people have very different ways of getting ready to attend these appointments where they will receive a lot of information and make some very serious decisions about surgery, treatment, and the like. My way of prepping for these things is to gather as much information as possible. I will read anything. I search for everything. I read everything that comes up in google, until all the links are purple. My medical vocabulary has seriously expanded in the past few weeks.

Our very, very kind fertility doctor (more on that whole situation later) who I think is The Most Awesome, told me I’m the most informed patient he’s every had! My research skills are paying off, folks. For everyone who’s ever said doing a Ph.D. is not worth it because there’s so many more Ph.D.s than jobs,  (a whole different topic), they were wrong. They were wrong because obviously, I would never have these kinds of research skills without also almost having those three letters behind my name. I also would not have access to the databases, where I do all this research. So, yes, indeed, a Ph.D. where you study youth/media/poststructuralism/feminist theory/globalization actually does, indeed, give you insanely critical skills you can use when you have cancer. My research skills have served me well. I have read a TON of articles about young women and breast cancer. I even made a bibliography, just in case they ask where I got this information (which, I know, they won’t).

Once I have enough info (well, there’s never enough, but at some point you have to stop) I then organize everything into topics and questions and notes to discuss with the doctors. And of course, I print these things out, both for my cancer binder (which has a parallel digital format) and for my trusty appointment buddies, who are just amazing. And so nice about my totally anal need to organize information, re-organize information, find more information….

Tonight, it looks like this:



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