Day 14

Today is day 14. The days are counted from the first chemo infusion. photo(18)

This is the day my hair should start to fall out, so last night, Sam took to it with the razor.

I have to say, I feel again like I did when I first cut it into the (longer) short cut- like the world was conspiring to keep this gigantic secret from me, this secret that was practically bursting at the seams to scream “REALLY SHORT HAIR IS AWESOME.”

My hair isn’t falling out yet, though I’m sure it will soon, and then, I will be very happy I’ve got it in a buzz cut. Turns out, I have stubborn, thick cowlicks at the back of my head and at my temples. Suddenly, I can see my eyes and the shape of my face better. Weird.

And that is that. I liked the other short hair cut a LOT. I like this one also, a LOT.

Tomorrow I will have the second chemo infusion. Then I probably will be horribly exhausted, again, for a few days, before things get back to the normal swing of things. For now folks, I’ll just enjoy this buzz cut, and be grateful I don’t have a total block head. The actual shape of my head is to be discovered.


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